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At Temple Newsam Halton Primary School, the English curriculum aims to offer a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum for all children. We aim to create a love of language, reading and writing to promote confident, successful lifelong readers, writers and communicators. Our intent is to combine the teaching of reading and writing within a context that is meaningful, purposeful and creative. We will ensure the children acquire the key skills needed, building on prior learning and developing progression across the year groups. We want children to be able to express themselves confidently and for different purposes and audiences and so to help them communicate clearly, we will help them develop a secure understanding of grammar and spelling. The ability to read and write confidently is the gateway to academic success, improved ambition and lifelong learning for our children.

What children at Temple Newsam think about English...

"I love it when my teacher reads stories to me." Reception child.

"My writing is getting better and better." Year 1 child.

"I've really enjoyed the suspense of our class reader, we've been on the edge of our seats." Year 5 child.

"I really love the book talk in our classroom because it helps to bring the characters to life." Year 4 child.

"Talking with my partner and sharing ideas gives me great inspiration for my writing." Year 6 Child. 

English at Templenewsam

World Book Day 2021 Competition


Thank you and well done to everyone that has dressed up a Potato for World Book Day. 

The winners of our decorate a potato competition are:

Dexter- Reception

Kallie- 2A

Neve- 3O

Reuben- 6C

All the entries were fantastic, it was a really difficult decision. Well done everybody!

World Book Day 2020

For World Book Day 2020, we decided to do things a little bit differently and dress up as our favourite adjectives! There were some fabulous, imaginative adjectives and children had to find out the definition of their word and be able to use it correctly in a sentence. We then spent the day including this new varied vocabulary in our writing. Here are some of the pictures from a fantastic day!

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