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Computing at Templenewsam Halton Primary School

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Online safety

Computing is an essential resource to support learning and teaching and it plays an important role in the everyday lives of young people and adults. Online safety at Templenewsam Halton Primary School is an important part of our computing curriculum. We have a responsibility to keep children safe and to know how to use technology responsibly and confidently. Consequently, we teach online safety on dedicated days through the year in addition to weekly timetabled computing times.

Below are some links for online safety help and support.  

Thinkuknow - home

Online Safety for Children - Tips & Guides | NSPCC

Parents Protect - Internet Safety

Online safety advice for 6-10 year olds | Internet Matters


If you have any concerns regarding online safety, please speak to any member of staff who will help in any way they can.  

Squid Game

Netflix’s recent Squid Game is become one of the streaming service’s most successful show of all time, with huge numbers of viewers taking to social media to discuss each new episode. The South Korean thriller is rated 15 by the BBFC and features some scenes of violence following a group of adults who compete to win innocent-looking playground games, but with consequences if they do not succeed at the tasks.

Due to its success, Squid Game is beginning to spread across various online platforms. There has been different content already created, ranging from memes to apps, that convey the content of the show, so it is important for us all to understand the basis of Squid Game and the potential risks to young people who might be exposed to it.

Below is a link from National Online Safety which includes detailed information about what Squid Game is, why it may pose a risk to children and where to seek help. In addition, your class teacher will always be happy to help.

‘Squid Game’ Trending across Platforms: What Parents Need to Know | National Online Safety


Computing across the curriculum

Part of our vision for computing is to embed technology and its uses across the whole curriculum. 

Please click on the icons below to see some fun book reviews created by our teachers in school.  Listen to the review and then find the book in our library! Can you spot which teacher has made a recording? 


If you would like to create your own book review to be added onto this page, please see the instructions at the bottom of this page!   

Demon Dentist book review.mp4Elmer book review.mp4Gigantosaurus book review.MOVMary Poppins.mp4Space book review.MOVThe hungry caterpillar book review.mp4Zombie in Love book review.movThe tiger who came to tea book review.mp4



Instructions to create a book review.

1. Download the Chatterpix app onto your device (mobile phone or tablet) from your app store/google play.  

2. Choose a book that you would like to review. This can be any genre (for example, fiction, non-fiction, comic).

3. Open the Chatterpix app and take a photo of the front cover of your chosen book.

4. Draw a mouth where you think the character would be talking.

5. Now press the red record button.  Record your review. You can do this in your own voice or in the character's voice. You only have 30 seconds to do this so practise what you want to say about the story. 

6. Press the green play button to listen to your recording and to make sure you are happy with it. 

7. If you need another go at recording, press the red record button to try again.

8. When you are happy with your recording, press the yellow 'next' button at the top of the screen twice.

9. Press the export button at the right of the play button.  This will save the clip to your camera roll.

10. Send your clip by email to info@tnhps.rklt.co.uk  

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